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Bruxels Parkway

The team led by TVK (architects, urban designers and team leader) with Karbon (architects), OLM (landscape architects), EGIS (travel and mobility), ELIOTH (sustainable development) and IDEA (real estate) won the international competition launched by the office of Territorial Development for the Brussels-Capital Region (ADT ATO) for the design and development of the urban project " Brussels Parkway".


The design team led by the office Béal & Blanckaert, lead architects, Die Werft scenography, OLM landscape architects and B + G Engineering is selected for the competition for an indoor and outddor scenographic space along the Loire estuary in Cordemais, France.


The team led by TVK architects and urban designers and OLM landscape architects won the urban and landscape study concerning the mutation of the Tertres and Cuverons neighberhoods in the city of Bagneux, 10km south of Paris.

B3 Garden

ZAC Rives de Seine

Toulouse Montaudran Aérospace

Reconversion of the former Airport